What are you having for dinner tonight?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

What about 3 nights from now?

Once you have a goal - whether its a goal to lose body fat, or run a 10k, or do your first pullup - the next step is to develop a plan. 

And the more exceptional your goal is, the more precisely you need to plan ahead. 

(Fun fact: Weight-class athletes and bodybuilding competitors might know what they’re eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner TWELVE WEEKS from now. Doesn’t that sound fun!)

Of course, there is a spectrum!

MOST people start out on the “I literally have no idea what I’m eating in an hour” side.

VERY FEW people need to know *exactly* what they will be eating in two weeks. 

However, if you want to move from where you are now to a little better, a little stronger, a little leaner - then you also need to add a little more precision and planning to your diet. Here are two suggestions to try out:

Make a weekly lunch/dinner calendar: Whether you cook or eat at work, put together a Sunday-Thursday calendar for your lunches and dinners. This gives you the chance to create meals that you look forward to AND fit with your nutrient targets.  I personally cycle through the same calendar each week, but if you need more variety, you might create a 10-day calendar.

Prep your own emergency snack kit: If you’re on the move between meetings, you may grab snacks throughout the day to keep you focused. In a pinch, you’re likely to take the closest, easiest option. Depending on what’s around, this can make hitting your calorie or macro targets much more difficult. Take control away from the microkitchen by prepping 1-3 snack packs at home that contain exactly what you want. For me, Quest Bars are killer for protein, fruit for extra carbs, and mixed nuts for extra fat. Triple reverse platinum pro tip: do this for long road trips too. 

Your mission is to reduce the amount of times you have to make decisions in the moment. Snap judgments while in the cafe line or staring into the fridge are rarely aligned with your long term goals. 

ANY time you want to make a change, ambiguity is the enemy. 

Do you have other ways you plan your meals ahead? Share them in the comments!