Hi. I'm Max.

I help 30-year-olds lose their post-college fat.

If you are in your 30s and would like to lose the fat you gained after college, then this might be your lucky day. Because on the list of things I am good at, coaching people to success with this goal is near the top. Check it out:


Things I am not good at:

  • web design
  • Instagram
  • Excel
  • hand-to-hand combat (though I am better at this than Excel)


Things I am good at:

  • bullet-pointed lists
  • helping people lose fat
  • using semi-colons


I do this with client-centered online coaching. I'm really quite good at it. I have a degree in psychology from Stanford, I coached over forty people as a manager at Facebook, and I'm a Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Coach.


And you?

You are highly motivated, but don’t know where to start.

My clients are driven, intelligent, passionate people. They spent their 20s grinding on their personal dreams and professional ambitions. They've built amazing careers and gone on a few perilous adventures. They have the hangovers, scars, and accolades to prove it. As they round the bend into 30, they’re looking for balance. They want more nights in, deeper friendships, and they’re ready to prioritize their bodies and their health. 


You were not an athlete growing up. 

This was me at 8. Show me where the athlete is in this picture.

I was a chubby kid growing up. My favorite foods were Burger King, frozen pizza, and Goldfish crackers. I didn’t go to the gym for the first time until I was 20. And I didn’t know what I was doing there until almost a decade later. My goal has never been to become an athlete or physique competitor. Until the age of 30, my abs were little more than an urban legend, a myth passed down that the villagers didn’t take seriously. And yet, once I learned about how to eat and train properly, I found out that the legends were… true. 

If this is you, then I get you, and I can get you there. We can confirm the urban legend together.


You have a low-BS tolerance.

I take an evidence-based approach to nutrition. This means taking the best available evidence and conclusions from lab studies, layering in the habits and psychology that work in practice, and adjusting based on your individual needs and preferences. 

There is no cookie-cutter plan. There is no dogma around carbs, fats, or toxins. We take what the science tells us, translate that into the real world, and make it work for you.

What this means in practice is that the lessons you learn will rarely be black-and-white. When you ask about a complex system like the body, every answer requires context: who are you, what are your goals, and what tradeoffs are you willing to make?


You are insatiably curious and enjoy learning.

If you just want to be told what to do, and are not interested in the why, then I am not for you. There are great coaches that work in this way - I personally recommend Renaissance Periodization’s diet and training templates. 

I love exploring into the biology and psychology of fat loss and muscle gain. I love finding philosophy and lessons from outside the world of nutrition and applying them to weight change. 

My clients love to nerd out on concepts, questions, possibilities, controversies. 


You enjoy stupid puns, weird gifs, and dumb jokes. 

I’m gonna make em. This is fair warning.