Helping weirdos like you and me transform their bodies.

(With food.)

(And jokes.)

How many times have you bought a book and not read it?

How many times have you read a book and not acted on it?

TED talks can move you to tears, but when was the last time you were moved to change?

Ever notice that there are hundreds of books and podcasts that teach you how to speak French? And yet, who speaks French?

  1. People that moved a French-speaking city

  2. People that have French-speaking friends and family

  3. People who speak French for work

And of course, people who date French speakers.

"If information were the answer, we'd all be millionaires with perfect abs."*

Similarly, when it comes to nutrition, there’s plenty of information out there. How calories work, how to set your macros, how to lift weights effectively. Some of that information is clear, and accurate, and helpful. A lot of it is deceptive, unhelpful garbage. A lot.

As a nutrition coach, one of my goals is to point you - the curious and inspired beginner - toward the right “hows".

And if information were the answer, that would be the limit of my responsibility.

But, it ain’t.

Here's the reality: lasting change is not about HOW.

Achieving our goals is about WHO we are connected to...

... WHAT we prioritize consistently...

and WHY our goal is important to us.

No one is self-taught.

The most successful people in every domain connect with mentors, coaches, and communities that guide them along the path.

Our coaching relationship goes far beyond the details of “how” to set up your diet.

Together, we:

  • Develop your personalized blueprint for consistent, effective habits
  • Connect with communities that share your goals
  • Build your nutrition “BS detector”
  • Define your “why” and connect your actions to your values and identity
  • Push through the dips in motivation and momentum
  • Tweak your daily schedule and surroundings to support and accelerate your success

I act as a guide through the forest. A map is helpful, but the trek is long. I teach you to survive, then thrive.


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If you have specific numbers, use 'em. If you have a specific analogy -an athlete or an actor - that's fine too. Let your inner poet free.
Example: Low carb, low fat, low meat, only meat.

















[Allow me to suggest what to put in your mouth.]

[Nutrition is weird. Let's talk about it.]

[It's dangerous to go alone.]

[Who the hell is talking?]





[nutrition setup]  

[nonsense rambling]

[transformation mentoring]