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Step 0: Set your goal

Exercise: Write your future [5 minutes]

Set a timer and spend five minutes thinking and writing about what, exactly, you want to accomplish. Add as much detail as possible. How will you know you've achieved this milestone? What, exactly, will be different? Consider more than just scale weight. If you want to lose weight, how much fat do you want to lose? Why? Or is it that you want to appear different? If so, how will you look?  Or is it that you want to feel stronger? Do you want to add muscle? how much? Lift a certain amount?  Do you have a health goal? What specifically? Blood pressure? LDL cholesterol? Energy? Mood? How will you track that? When you're done, make no more than 1 goal. You have to choose because when you are confronted by a a conflict in your two goals, you need to understand which you will prioritize. Is adding muscle more important right now than losing fat? Is feeling mentally focused more important than crushing a new record in your mile-run?

Why this works:

When it comes to eating, you will make more progress by thinking HELPFUL and not HEALTHY.  

Well meaning professionals talk about foods as healthy and unhealthy, good or bad. In reality, food is food. It is energy and nutrients. Depending on your goal, any given food can be helpful, or unhelpful. There are no inherently bad foods, unless you are allergic to them. Don't eat stuff that you are allergic to. (But I heard I need to eliminate a bunch of foods to figure out which I'm allergic to! No - if you're allergic, you'll know. Not eating a particular food for a while is more likely to create some digestive distress when you reintroduce it, hence the perception of an allergy). 

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